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The Story of Paharuhay Campsite

​Manolo and Maria, the owners of Paharuhay Campsite originally planned to build this place as a retreat for themselves. They wanted time away from their busy lives with loved ones in tow- but what they found when exploring on foot near an incredible peak made them change plans entirely! It turns out that not only could one person camp overlooking these natural wonders; you can even bring your entire family along too if so desired​.

When you're up there, all of your worries are replaced with awe. The 360 degree views of the mountains and sea are breathtaking, no matter what time of day it is. I can't believe that this spot has been hidden for so long! It's really hard to choose a favorite part because every direction offers something new to see. But I think my favorite view is when the sky turns pink at sunset while watching the sun set over the mountains in front of me while gazing out into an endless ocean straight ahead.


They knew that it would be a shame if they didn't share the place with everyone. So, in order to make sure no one was left out of this beautiful spot they decided it only appropriate for all people around them could enjoy these treasures with everyone!

Paharuhay means to let go of the stress and enjoy the moment.

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