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Our Campgrounds

Our campgrounds are a scenic escape for any outdoor enthusiast. From Tabogon mountain views to forested trails, we offer an array of campsite accommodations.

Paharuhay Peak Exclusive Camp Ground

Bring your tent and enjoy nature for a group of 10.

Boasting a 360 degrees view of the mountains and seas, this exclusive camp ground offers free breakfast, fully equipped kitchen, toilet, and a day use of our "Payag". 

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Lulinghayaw Glamping Cabin

8 guests and including free breakfast, the Lulinghayaw Glamping Cabin awaits atop Tabogon's mountains at Paharuhay Campsite.


Enjoy stunning views of the Tabogon mountains and San Remegio seas on your family nature escape.

*Soft Opening*

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Lulinghayaw Glamping Cabin

Malinawon Teepees

Let us brings you even closer to nature with our Malinawon Teepee Rooms.

Beautiful views of the mountains, the vibrant sunrise and the beautiful sunset keeps you still in admiration of these natural treasures


Tiny Cabins

You'll love the view from this tiny cabin - not only are there plenty of beautiful landscapes outside, but you get to enjoy some nice spots within our campsite too!

Good for three, this comes with a queen-size full bedding set including pillows and blanket for comfortable sleeping.

Matahom Shared Camp Ground

Bring your tents and experience the mountain top view of our campsite. Matahom shared camping ground is available to maximum of 5 tents. This shared camping ground can accommodate around 25 people. 

This is a perfect spot for stargazing and you might have a chance to see the Milkyway core!


Mahogany Grove Shared Camp Ground

Located at the lower part of the campsite, Mahogany Grove shared camping ground is a perfect place to stay overnight!


Mahogany Grove shared camping ground has basic amenities like toilets, shared kitchen, and water refilling station so you don’t have to worry about anything. 

Our location is also very accessible since it’s just near the highway. With our friendly staff members who are always ready to help, we guarantee that you will have a great time when you come here with your loved ones! 

Extra Charges

Extra Person

Php 200/person

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Php 300/tent




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