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Reconnecting with nature at "PAHARUHAY CAMPSITE", Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines!

It has become a habit of mine to hike or take a stroll whenever I feel the need to recharge and reconnect to nature. A natural atmosphere that's new to my eyes and has a challenging trail, not just the plain one, in either way I could reconnect to nature and exercise not just my body but also my mind, it's hitting two birds in one stone! ( Oh correction, it's three! - Quality time with my husband) Paharuhay Campsite made these things possible.

This campsite, PAHARUHAY in English means "To Relax", is nestled on one of the mountain tops of Caduawan, Tabogon, Cebu, Philippines! This flourishing campsite offers its campers and viewers the beautiful countryside of Tabogon. (Tabogon is one of the developing municipalities in Northern Cebu Philippines) On the top, a panoramic view will fill your eyes with awe and wonder.

On the east of the campsite are the attractive rolling hills of Tabogon - seducing you to climb on them ( this is where the underrated Dose Kwartos is located), on the west, lays the vast hills and valleys that meet the sea, and soft blue horizon! Whereas the North and South views are filled with lush sceneries.

Everywhere you lay your eyes are the captivating landscape that surrounds Paharuhay Campsite. It's a 360 degrees view of mountains and sea and to complete the camping experience is the perfect view of both sunrise and sunset at the camp. Incredibly lovely!

Now let's stroll and take a look at what's inside the campsite! Taraaa!

The trail.

It was 9:30 AM when we went uphill. It was breezy, not too sunny, a perfect weather for hiking. Before we head to the trail, the receptionist showed us the map and told us which part of the camp could only be accessed as there are still campers who hadn't checked out yet.

The trail is narrow but fairly clean. We could smell the freshness of the air. I was so excited on the way up because I haven't gone to the campsite for a long time.

The path is conveniently friendly because there are wooden fences on every slope and steep provided for the campers/guests to cling on especially if it's raining. Signages are also provided along the way together with the solar lamp posts.

The trail is not as hard as we expected but it is steep enough that you will be catching your breath before reaching the top of the campsite.

What's inside Paharuhay Campsite

🏕Matahum shared campground, the blooming ground of the campsite flushed with pink, orange, and yellow flowers by the side, with thick Bermuda and Carabao grass that carpeted the ground and the fresh clean air will warmly welcome you at your arrival on the campsite.

Guess what, when I reached the campsite, I sat for about 3 -5 minutes to calm my exiting nerves. Haha! Lol! I was too overwhelmed by the view after the climb.

🏕Over-looking Balcony

The Apple of the eye in the campsite. This exclusive balcony for campers (for family or barkadas) is built on top and at the center of the site. Facing the beautiful mountains, surrounded by plenty of plants I would say this is the main attraction of the campsite. Aside from the comfort, it provides this balcony and also comes with a fully equipped kitchen. Everything you need for cooking is at hand.

This photo is downloaded from Paharuhay Campsite Facebook Page.

🏕Malinawon Teepee

Several meters from the Paharuhay Campsite are the Malinawon Teepees. These are pyramid-shaped cozy rooms for two. I wasn't able to stroll at this part of the site because there are still campers at the teepees, but if I'm not mistaken, the teepees are overlooking the ocean view.

Next time I hike /stroll there, I'll visit the teepees and check them myself.

🏕The viewing deck

For the walk-ins or strollers like me, I bet the viewing deck is the favorite.

The viewing deck serves as the terrace of the whole campsite facing the beautiful horizon. This is the perfect place for watching sunsets. One can sit there, relax, forget the time, and just savor the view. But I think one would enjoy it best during nighttime for stargazing.

Below the deck is the freshwater pool that looks elegant in black. For sure it would be very soothing to dip in the pool while watching the sunset.

🏕The cool store

The campsite has a convenience store for the basic needs of the campers. I find it cool because instead of chairs and benches they used swings where you can wait down if you make an order and wait.

This photo is downloaded from Paharuhay Campsite Facebook Page.

Actually, you can sit there just to unwind (that's where I also sat by the time I arrived at the campsite). The store is attached to the foot of the giant water reservoir in our town.

This huge water reservoir has become a tourist attraction also because it towered all over the mountain top. Maybe if the management of the camp will put mural painting on it, for sure it will be a hit.

Behind the water tank is the super big hammock where up to 10 people can sit or even lie down.

🏕 The treehouse and the swimming pool

The campsite has also a treehouse and two swimming pools beneath. This is located at the main entrance of the campsite before you take a climb. So a camper must go down the hill if he/she wants to dip at the pool, anyway, there is also a pool at the top, the one below the viewing deck where they could also enjoy.

🏕 Paharuhay Campsite never fails to give you the refreshment, relaxation, and that break from work that you have been craving for a long time. At this campsite, be it a walk-in or stroller like me, one will surely reconnect with nature and enjoy the scenic view that Paharuhay Campsite offers.

With its beautiful flowers and outcropping rocks, and its tranquility and freshness, I enjoy strolling and taking pictures.

Its breathtaking view is indeed worth the climb!


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