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Have you ever wondered about the feeling of waking up with a relaxing mountain view and calming peaceful sound of the animals? With all the hustle-bustle of the city, we would always love to take a break and enjoy a place where we can experience all of these, right?

A pleasant life, hive bees! Let me share with you my travel experience to one of the most affordable camping sites in north Cebu, PH – the Paharuhay Campsite. Located at Tabogon Cebu just a 3-4 hour travel from Cebu City.

How I discovered it? Well,

An officemate of mine shared about this camping place where you can witness a 360 view of the mountains and sea plus the stunning sunrise and sunset. And as a person who’s deeply in love with these, immediately googled the place. At once I was so happy and excited.

We planned the last week of March but I rescheduled it due to the health problems I encountered and decided it for April. Thus, we chose to book on weekdays because all weekends of April were already booked. I reached them through their page. Filed a leave. Excited. Happy. And then, as April was fast approaching, the weather updated about the rugged-foggy days ahead due to the low-pressure area inside the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR) which made me disappointed. ugh! I mean, I have been wanting to see these but why now? 😟

Thankfully, we traveled with at least fine weather that day. Yes, we decided to proceed because I already filed a leave and we have been planning this for a long time already. If not now, when? I know that everything's gonna turn out perfect.

After about 1.5 hours of travel (from Danao City to Tabogon), we reached the camp. The place is just along the national road and can easily be noticed.

Before going to the campsite, a session was held in the holding room in which the camp personnel tackled the rules and regulations, the does and don’ts, the campsite’s areas and boundaries; and the importance of cleanliness. Since we were just the campers for that day, the staff said that we can visit all the areas of the campsite which was really a bonus!

Their reception is so simple and very neat. I am just amazed by its simplicity and how they promote nature in the area.

They even have these featured pictures from the campers who came here. I think that it very overwhelming.

Walk up to the campsite!

From the reception where the session was held, a 10-15 minute walk was needed to reach the campsite. I guess it already showered before the time we arrived there because the road was a bit muddy which made my legs burn during the walk to the campsite (imagine the weight of mud I have gathered in my slippers haha).

Smile. You’re almost there! 😃


The Campsite

From the time we reached the campsite, a staff immediately greeted and assisted us to our booked room.

By the way, you can choose to use a tent because they have available tents for rent (you can bring your tents also) or to stay on their teepees. If you are in a group (families/friends), you can avail of their exclusive campground which is at 2500 php ($50) with free breakfast good for 10 heads, and add 200 php ($4) for the excess heads with free breakfast also. Their teepees are for 2000 php ($40) good for 4 heads. These prices are good for 2 days and 1 already.

Paharuhay's Peak Camp Ground.

Malinawon Teepee Hut.

They also have tiny cabins an open hut perfect for beginner campers at 1200php ($24) good for 3 heads, mahogany grove shared camp perfect for car travellers for only 200php ($4) per head and a lot more services offered.

Hoping for the best sunrise and sunset views, we chose the teepee. They called it “Malinawon” teepee which means peaceful in English. Their teepees are clean with a balcony which will make you satisfy the 360 views of the mountains in the east and the sea in the west right in the comfort of your booked teepee.

Arrived, I was still praying for a pinch of a sunset but I guess it was not yet the time for me because the skies were still covered by gray so we took the time to enjoy the views we had and roamed around the campsite.

Malinawon teepee's balcony view.


The Bonfire

‘Twas I guess my junior year when I last experienced a bonfire during a girl scout camping. Since then, I have been wanting to experience it again. Thankfully, every teepee has bonfire areas/pits. Woods are available for 80 php ($16).

With the freezing night, I got the chance to enjoy the bonfire even though the sunset refused to come out that day. I was happy because I am with my boyfriend just chilling and enjoying our marshmallows together with a punch of beer.

What’s really amazing about camping here at Paharuhay is that they have clean comfort rooms, dining areas, and a complete set of utensils for cooking. They even have a refrigerator and butane stove so you can have the liberty to use them for your foods and cooking. Camping made easy, it is! Enjoying the mode and the view to get out of the stress of the city. Our day 1 at Paharuhay was indeed a relaxing and satisfying one!

I hope you had fun reading my blog today. This is more on experiencing adventure and appreciating nature at the same time. Paharuhay is indeed worth the experience! 🤗



This girl is a dreamer. Her goals and family are her motivation - that's what keeps her moving forward. She is still learning and trying her best to achieve her goals and to allow herself to grow.

Please share your thoughts about her blog and future blogs. That will make her motivated and inspired to write for her readers. If you like this story, don't hesitate to upvote or comment. Keep safe and have a Joyceful day ahead!

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